Nono is the only inhabitant of planet Pano. Despite not having any company, he lives a quiet and peaceful life on his planet. He loves taking care of his vegetable garden, taking long walks and watching the sunset while eating some fruits.

One morning, Nono hears a big bang. A space probe has fallen on Pano. The Be2 robot, whose mission is to explore new worlds and find new allies for humanity, comes out of it.

Without much success, Be2 continually tries to get close to Nono. Although at first everything is complicated, the characters’ curiosity and stubbornness is what leads them to overcome their differences. Eventually, they find a way to communicate with each other and this is what will allow them to peacefully live together.


Belinda Bonan


Most Wanted Studio


5 Min


3D Animation



The lonely Nono lives happily in Pano and spends most of his time taking care of his beloved vegetable garden. He loves taking long walks and watching the sun go down while eating some fruits.


Be2 is a robot sent from planet Earth, whose mission is to explore new worlds and find new potencial allies.

About the short film

With this short film, we try to plant the idea that there is nothing wrong with being different.

The central idea of the short film comes from how the notion of differences is perceived. Differences create fear.

This short film is a film about hope, about giving the chance of understanding each other and finding ways to communicate.

Awards & Selections


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