Dynamic Fundraising(3)

Now that you’ve found a worthy cause, its always sensible to sit down and organize yourself by asking and answering the following points:
Choosing the right fundraiser for your cause:
Determine the needs of your cause.
How much money do you need to raise?
What is your timeframe for this project?
When do you need the funds / goods?
Who are those likely to be involved? / How many participants will be part of it?
Who will organize and administrate the project?
For Product Fundraisers using programs, think about the amount of commission given to your group. Depending on the program, it could range from 30% to 75%. Obviously, programs with 50% commission or more are preferred.
For Product Fundraisers, think about the price of individual merchandise as this can have an effect on your sales. Compare a program's prices with other fundraiser programs.
Also find out if there are any other costs associated with the program. These include costs such as shipping and product brochures. Find out if these are free to your organization, or if you have to pay for them. This could greatly effect your fundraising profits!
What are the kinds of fundraisers that best suit you, considering all of the above?