Dynamic Fundraising(4)

Organizing Your Fundraising Campaign.
Planning Your Campaign:
Set an objective: This should include a mission statement or goal and a financial objective .
For example: Our group must raise GBP 2,000 to pay for new cots in the orphanage as well as food and supplies for the children’s Christmas party.
Set a deadline: Best to keep it short to keep participants motivated - 2 weeks for a small and simple fundraiser should be enough.
Organize your volunteers: Get the group members together and organize a selling strategy that will lead to success. It is a good idea to assign locations and different groups of people to each member, and a time frame for solicitation.
Motivate the participants!!: Enthusiasm is key, and it is vital to maintain close contact with the group members, making sure they stay motivated and in gear. Being a good role model is important, in terms of the amount of time and effort you put into the campaign.